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The Customer Acquisition Barometer

The Customer Acquisition Barometer (CAB) is a 6 month long research and insight program that gives both B2B and B2C marketers hard facts on how to gain new customers.

We were delighted to partner with the DMA for the launch of the Customer Acquisition Barometer 2015 at London's Ham Yard Hotel on 15th October. Marketers can now learn how to turn prospects into customers.

The research was truly independent. focus groups were conducted by Geoff Gosling from DMA House, Beautiful Insights carried out customer surveys, questioning attitudes to different media on behalf of the DMA and The Media Octopus and telephone interviews were conducted by ICM Direct.

The insight generated by CAB 2015 provides marketers, both B2B and B2C, with many unanswered questions; which tactics should we install? Should we focus on retaining existing customers? Where do we find new customers and what do they want? Essentially, the golden nugget is, how exactly they would prefer to be 'acquired', in other words, how to get them over the line.

Why is Acquisition so Important?

Acquiring new customers is essential for business growth and is becoming even more important for marketers as it becomes increasingly challenging. It's not just our belief – it is what marketers told us – next year, B2B marketers are spending 61% of their budget on acquisition, B2C marketers are spending 51%.

Consumers are happy to be acquired but with more and more channels for marketers to encourage customer engagement it is important to listen to what they want and evaluate which channels work most effectively for them. The results of the CAB research provides marketers with an insight on how to get ahead of the game when it comes to customer acquisition.

CAB 2015 research found that consumers will be better disposed to become customers that trust your business. Since last year, marketers have built barriers to trust by including small print, not making it clear why they need personal data, and not o¬ffering opt-outs every step of the way. Giving consumers more choice and control will make them trust you more.

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