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Regulated and competitive, the Financial Services industry requires sharp intel to navigate its waters. A business in the investment arena that’s keen to reduce marketing spend, needs to be highly targeted in it’s approach to customer acquisition and armed with in-depth digital intelligence.

The Media Octopus has first-hand knowledge of acquiring customers for financial services organisations and investment businesses. We know not only how to identify and attract your ideal customer, but also understand the regulations you’re governed by - from small things such as the hashtag to include on Twitter ads, to the big things like clearly communicating the risks as well as the benefits of a promotion.

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Who are we and what can you expect?

Who we are

The Media Octopus has a rich multi-sector heritage in marketing data and digital customer acquisition. We grew out of data intelligence and information is our bedrock. While marketing is often considered hard to measure, at The Media Octopus we start and end with the numbers, translating data intelligence into definitive reach, engagement, acquisition and ultimately a truly measurable ROI.

What To Expect

We always work in the interests of your company. The best relationships are built on trust and we’ll earn yours with great results and straight-talking advice.
We exist because we believe things can be done better so challenging the status quo is in our blood. With that comes an insatiable appetite for new ideas and a relentless curiosity, but you’ll always find purpose behind our pioneering approach; there’s a very good reason behind every new idea.
Our customers and your customers are central to our thinking. For your customers, we start each campaign by truly understanding their needs, enabling us to reach them the right way. For you, our daily reporting, flat fee structure, data integrity and straight-talking team deliver an honesty and transparency that makes for strong working relationships.
We will say no to improper marketing practices, to unregulated data, to working with a business the public can’t trust. Winning new clients is great, but not if working with them compromises our ethics or makes our team unhappy. This integrity earns us trust, respect and long term relationships with our clients.