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National Solar Company

Reducing marketing spend through effective paid media 

The Challenge

Our client, a national solar panel installer. provides and installs solar panels to consumers and businesses nationwide. Their scheme offers homeowners the opportunity to contribute towards a more sustainable world, while saving on electricity bills and generating income from solar output.

Operating in a highly competitive space, our client was generating leads through PPC campaigns. They came to The Media Octopus curious about which other channels might hold opportunity for the business, keen to reduce marketing spend and increase lead volume.

The Solution

Objective: Reduce marketing spend; increase lead volumes

By quickly profiling their ideal consumer, The Media Octopus identified Facebook as a channel that offered great potential for the brand. Paid media here would target the right consumers while offering substantial savings in advertising spend.

The Media Octopus knew that intelligent targeting combined with accurate ad copy and revised landing pages would increase conversion rates, and generate more, better quality leads for our client’s sales team.


True to estimations, the first Facebook campaign produced a cost per lead (CPL) 76% lower than previous PPC campaigns had achieved.

Keen to explore additional cost-reducing strategies, the client tasked The Media Octopus to manage additional channels, setting high lead volume and CPL targets.

The Media Octopus continues to exceed these targets, consistently generating in excess of 10,000 leads a month and now achieving an average CPL 36% lower than the CPL the client’s previous PPC campaign was able to achieve.

As a result, our client has increased the size of its sales team tenfold in just one year.