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Warwickshire County Council

Connecting with Residents: improving digital intelligence while raising awareness

The Challenge

Warwickshire County Council was keen to establish a connection with residents during Food Week via it’s ‘Grey to Green’ campaign, which focused on the benefits of recycling food across the county.

The Council decided to initiate a competition to incite a response from previously apathetic residents and was striving to increase its food capture rates to ultimately reduce waste disposal costs.

The campaign was limited by a one week window in which to communicate to residents, with a slim budget and a ‘patchy’ database with few email details.

The Solution

The Media Octopus recognised which channels would best suit Warwickshire County Council and began communicating precise messages across Twitter and Facebook, and via email marketing. These messages drove traffic to the competition page, encouraged entries and and increased email opt-ins.

This activity worked to not only increase awareness of the Council’s campaign, but to improve its digital intelligence in the future, providing the council with a more robust email marketing database and ‘tuned in’ audiences across Facebook and Twitter.


Visits to Warwickshire’s Twitter profile jumped by over 165% and followers increased by 15%. Via Facebook, the campaign reached over 80,000 residents, resulting in over 4,500 clicks from engaged users.

Website impressions grew to 215,000 during campaign week and unprecedented competition entry rates were achieved – over 11,500 entries were recorded, a campaign engagement rate of more than 10%.

Financially, the Council achieved an increase in food capture rates of 25%. This translates to 1.5 kilos per household delivering an estimated reduction in waste disposal costs of £936,000.

David Whitehouse, Head of Marketing at Warwickshire County Council remarked:

“We have worked closely with The Media Octopus on a series of e-marketing campaigns to engage and inform Warwickshire residents on an unprecedented scale. As well as being highly cost effective and tightly-targeted medium, professional e-marketing dovetails beautifully with online engagement and calls to action. The Media Octopus team are knowledgeable yet approachable, and it’s refreshing not to be blinded with science in this hi-tech arena.”