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Don’t Ignore Compliance- It Won’t Ignore You.

Compliance is a minefield- or at least it can be.

When brands including Talk Talk, Hampshire County Council and even Telegraph Media Group are being fined by The Information Commissioner’s Office, you know that not being compliant in your data and marketing practises is a serious issue.

Do you hold lots of data about your customers, or do you use telephone and email data to win new business? You wouldn’t be alone if you do- most organisations fall into at least one of these categories.

Is your in-house compliance team up to speed with the latest compliance regulations and directives?

If you have an existing agency, are they accredited? Are their processes compliant, and do they subscribe to the appropriate industry associations, memberships and compliance schemes?

At TMO, we take compliance very seriously. We can help you too.

Services We Offer in Compliance

As a digital marketing agency, we are well versed in our own compliance procedures. We can help you by:

1.Provisioning compliant marketing data
2.Providing a compliance audit of your customer data base
3.Building a compliance strategy to ensure your campaigns are `fit for purpose`

Compliance Contact

E: [email protected]
T: 0161 968 2075
W: www.themediaoctopus.com

Our accreditations

  • Audited and accredited member of the Direct Marketing Association
  • Member and advocate of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Member of the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR)
  • Data partner for UK Central Government’s Innovation Department- Innovate UK
  • Developed a master `Do Not Call` file for all client campaigns

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