More Technology, More Problems?

‘The truth is that new tech brings new possibilities that did not exist before. Just as search did in the 00’s, the technology developed today is creating solutions that are changing the entire advertising landscape. For advertisers, this change has revealed some difficult challenges which are very quickly turning into massive opportunities.’
In this presentation at the IAB UK Digital Britain conference, Amit Kotecha, Head of Marketing, EMEA, Quantcast, navigated through the ad tech industry highlighting how Real Time Advertising is creating challenges and opportunities that are now available to us through the user of big data. Amit started by sharing his love for the US rapper, Biggie Small, who inspired the title of his talk about the issues of of technology from the track, ‘More money, more problems’. It’s an interesting question in an age where we’re faced with so much choice and opportunity, yet a time that brings with it troubles and predicaments.
Exploring the evolvement of advertising from 1650 when print was the main medium, up until 1922 in a pre-digital age when radio, TV and direct mail were the dominant channels, Amit highlighted just how much technology has transformed our lives. Just look at the slide below, showing the explosion of digital mediums available to us now in a short space of time…
According to Amit, we’re obsessed with with idea and concept of ‘utopia’, where we are striving for the perfect advert: ‘right advert, right place, right time’. Technology give us choice and is there to help us achieve this. Amit quoted Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine, who prefers the use of the word, “A protopian, not a utopian”, which better explains this need to embrace technology in achieving this ideal.
As highlighted at the recent ‘Future of Digital’ conference we attended with The Data Octopus, hosted by Business Growth Hub, we are creating more data than ever – check out the quote below.
Everything is connected to the internet these days, with data fuelling it; Amit said a great quote which could not be more true: “Data is dumb until we give it meaning”. Context needs to surround its use and be maximised in ways which makes sense, tells a story and gives us insights. However with so much information and content out there, it can be hard to separate the signal from the noise, which is why it’s so important consider the use of data in your company or business website:
Amit concluded that, although issues have arrived with attribution, viewability and brand safety in our technology-dominate world, these have also created opportunities and even jobs, so it’s not all bad in the online landscape!

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