Month: January 2015

What makes a successful B2B social campaign?

Social media advertising has grown massively over the past few years, providing creative and impactful ways of reaching and engaging with online audiences. While it can be perceived that social media thrives better in the B2C sphere, recently B2B…

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#JeSuisCharlie hashtag unites the world on Twitter

The world of social media has been flooded with messages of support for victims following the horrific attack on French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, yesterday. At a time of mourning, thousands have flocked to Twitter to unite against the…

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Google introduces transparency for marketers’ video ads

As part of its goal of ‘full transparency’ for marketers, Google have announced viewability reporting across its ad platforms. This means that now, brands who publish video ads via DoubleClick will know whether their content is being watched…

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