The 7 Golden Rules of Digital Marketing

These seven golden rules are the summation of our collective experience in Digital Marketing. Based on the success and failures of our work across social, content, web, email and search these rules stem from the patterns and behaviours that make for great digital marketing campaigns. Use these rules to help your marketing team model activities and achieve winning results.

Tell great stories

It’s no secret that great marketeers are great story tellers. The best stories of all time have endured centuries of change and conflict, and remain today as much-loved myths, fables and legends that we continue to re-tell. However you’re presenting your brand – be it through words, video, audio or image – wind it with a story and it will engage and influence your readers and audience.

Give a little

It’s now an online norm to give in order to receive. And what’s today’s most-loved commodity? Knowledge. There’s a reason everyone is trying to teach you how to better, faster and richer with free webinars, infographics and downloads. And that’s not all. Free trials, discounts, soft toys and accessories are frequently used in consumer markets to tempt buyers.
Giving something of high value to your audience and low cost to you will demonstrate value and build authority. It can be a sign of great generosity – a useful brand value to leverage.

Love a lot

Trolling is so 2014! Showing compassion towards your audience, nation and world, connecting with a charity or good cause – these are the markers of a brand that knows how to reach out and connect with its audience. It works incredibly well online and this rule transcends into how you manage customer service and social media. Show understanding, reward the loyal and hero other people and you’ll build a following of loyal, connected customers.


Because there is no better place to track results than online. Online is the marketeer’s chemistry set! More responsive than offline, and in many ways carrying lower risk, online is the most incredible opportunity to experiment with new ideas. It won’t cost you 10,000 printed flyers, a few dozen trees and a several thousand more follow up calls to find out if your new headline works. Simply publish a new blog post and you can start monitoring results. This golden rule is about having fun, wondering ‘what if’ and exploring possibilities – there is nothing better for nurturing creativity.

Never stop learning

Digital marketing evolves so fast, marketeers absolutely cannot afford to stop learning. This is about curiosity. Nosiness is now a good thing! Ask questions, seek out new knowledge and spot new opportunities for your brand – it will prevent you going stale online and give you an edge over the competition.

Keep connecting

As fast as digital marketing changes, your audience will too. Staying connected to what makes them tick will ensure your communications continue to resonant. Keep connected to social media, keep connected to the pulse of technological development and keep connected to your team – all these things make for great team work that’s relevant, timely and well received.

Be super clear about your direction

Digital marketing is an unstoppable storm of creative, social and technological development. To ensure you don’t get knocked off course by all that’s going on, be very clear about where you’re going and what you want to achieve. This will enable you to create marketing campaigns that make sense for your brand and business, not just the the latest marketing trend. Putting reason, focus and targets behind every digital marketing move helps maintain that direction and achieve your goals.
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