WTF is a Social Media Ninja?

When was the last time you shook hands with an assistant, executive, or head of something? If you work in digital marketing, we hasten to guess that it was quite a while ago. As roles develop to keep up with essential skills, industry professionals are opting to supercharge boring job titles. This is a big part of the Gen Y jobs market, but let’s be honest– do we know what these people actually do?


✏  First things first; there’s nothing wrong with having a non-traditional job title. If a Data Scientist invited you to connect on LinkedIn, would you be more likely to accept over a Data Processor?  Updating your title can make your role sound more attractive to other players in the game
✏  Furthermore, funky job titles can be a great conversation starter if you need an extra boost at a particularly dry networking event
✏  Your business cards will look a little sharper. The average age of a marketer is falling, which means you need to keep up with passionate young blood. Practise what you preach, `90s revivals are for fashion (unless you work in fashion, then an outdated business card could be quite the prop)
✏   You spend most of your waking hours at work, so expressing yourself is a must. An interesting job title can show your personality- are you quirky, straight-talking, or creative?
✏   Job titles can set the scene for a working environment. You might attract some real talent if you can represent your brand in a cool light


✏  Clients might not be able to navigate you easily, which will deter them from buying your products or services. This is especially true with your Gen X customers
✏  Other industry professionals may not connect with you (digitally and in the flesh), because they A) Don’t know what you do B) Are trying to avoid awkward conversation C) They think you are a little pretentious (Queue eye rolling)
✏  Ultimately, a naff job title could lower credibility in your role. You want people to take you seriously beyond being the initial topic of conversation
✏  New candidates may feel under qualified for a very simple role, or they will have trouble locating your vacancy in the first place. How many people are actively searching for `Social Media Ninja`?
✏  Jobs can be wrongly `packaged`. This means your talented new recruits will come into the role with a set of expectations, only to be greeted with disappointment

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