Creative job applications: how to wow an agency the millennial way

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With dozens of jobs in digital marketing cropping up every day, and with hundreds of applicants rushing in to nab them, it can be difficult to know how to stand out from the crowd. Some are saying the days of gimmicks and outlandish CV submissions might be behind us, but we disagree. You just need to nail the execution. Here’s how to bag that dream job in digital marketing, the millennial way.

Get filming

With the rise of YouTube and popularity of online video, lots of companies are now requesting applications via film, so why not pip those who aren’t quite up to speed to the post and submit your cover letter as a video instead? Make sure you write down what you want to say, and get lots of practice in before filming. Not only will it provide them with all the information they will have gained from a generic cover letter, it will also give you the chance to show off your presentation skills without having to wait until the interview.

Hop on social

If the job description is heavily centred around social media management, why not show off your skills by submitting your CV using your favourite (or their most popular) platform? You might have a little difficulty doing this on Twitter or Instagram, but Facebook and Pinterest are perfect, and all you need to do is send them a link to your CV. A sure way to impress even the most difficult to please recruiters.

Create a brand box

Lots of digital marketing agencies will spend time focusing on a client’s brand, be it managing design, values or all of the above, so why not introduce them to yours? Mail a ‘brand box’ to the team, with perfectly crafted contents containing details of your individual brand values, aims, services and what drives you.
However you choose to submit your CV or application, just remember that however original, the contents are what really counts. A stunt might catch an employer’s eye for thirty seconds, but it will be your skills, expertise and experience that will carry you through to that dream role in digital marketing.

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