5 Instagram features you can use to leverage lead generation

Instagram Features

Instagram recently reached an impressive 700 million monthly users and is currently the fastest growing social media platform¹. Unsurprisingly Instagram has now set its sights on the digital marketing needs of business users.
With a high level of interaction between brands and users, it would be a foolish marketing manager who ignored this digital marketing hot potato. We look at five Instagram Business Tools features you can use to boost your marketing potential and leverage lead generation.

1. Embedded E-commerce buttons

For those with an Instagram Business Profile, it is easy to capture new customers by having direct links to your product pages or content set into your Instagram posts. These can be applied to your usual photo content – not just your paid posts – without spoiling your aesthetic.

2. Action buttons

Instagram’s action buttons take all the clumsiness out of your CTA setup with alternatives such as: ‘Learn More’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Contact Us’ which are all available in-image. When selected, these show as a blue button on a promotion and give a clear message to potential leads.

3. ‘Install Now’ call to action

If you have a downloadable app to offer, Instagram can go one step further than an ordinary CTA button by offering an ‘Install Now’ button which will take leads straight from your Instagram advert to the App Store.

4. Instagram Insights

Good lead generation is about understanding how posts are performing and finding out more about how your audience behaves. Insights on Instagram allows business users to access information within the mobile app. As well as key insights such as impressions, reach and profile views, you can also see the number of video views and the level of customer engagement.

5. User generated content

User generated content is powerful. Encouraging customers or possible leads to donate content on Instagram is easier than on other social media platforms because it is image based. Once a lead or customer has sent in content for you, they have a vested interest in ensuring that it is shared, usually with other people who also fit your target audience profile.
¹ https://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/26/instagram-has-700-million-users.html

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