Do I need Google My Business and how do I get on Google Maps?

If your business is not already on Google My Business, what are you waiting for? This is one of the easiest ways in which you can improve the appearance of your website in the search results, but there are so many companies out there who are not using it to its full potential! Here, we are taking a look at the benefits of having a Google My Business page, plus how this relates to putting your business on Google Maps.

What Is Google My Business?

Let’s start off with the basics of what Google My Business is. It is a local business listings service that also displays the big corporate companies too. Every business can achieve a prominent listing here as long as they get the basics right. So, when someone searches for your business name, it will pop up with where your business is on a map, reviews of your business, and your business information such as the address, opening hours and telephone number. There is a tonne of benefits to businesses to have this and below you can find out why!

Prominent Search Results

When you have your business registered with Google My Business, it will help it to stand out in search results and this will then, of course, help people to easily find your business. If you want to be put in a more prominent position, you will need to work hard to improve your review scores as this can be quite difficult to do based on your competition. Although it involves some work, being able to get into the top three results will massively increase the number of people being driven towards your website.

Drive Your Local Search

What Google My Business is really all about is its local search. Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? Your business will have the potential to show up on searches that are made near your business and also searches that are made outside the area, where the location has been added on. So, having a Google My Business account listing is key to improving your local search results.

Improve Mobile Search

Most local searches are made on mobile and it accounts for the vast majority of searches that are made in almost every single industry. Food, beverage, health, sports, news, lifestyle, automotive and retail are the industries that are missing out the most by not being on Google My Business.

Beat the Competition

If your local competition already has a Google My Business account registered, setting up your own one will ensure that you are competing on an even playing field. If you are not on there, you are making it much harder for people to find you and they are more likely to stumble across your competitors. This works both ways, however, because you can potentially gain an advantage over your competitors who are not listed and steal their business as your business will be much more visible.

Customers Can Find You Easily

Google My Business makes it easier for people to find where you are located and this is where Google Maps comes into play. If you want your business to be featured on Google Maps, you will have to set up a Google My Business account. You can do this by visiting and enter your business name and address into the search bar. Click on ‘Add Your Business’ and add the details of your business to be placed on the map. Verify this with a code and your business will now be featured on Google Maps!

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