Advantages of using an Agency for Google Ads

Paid advertising on Google is known as Pay Per Click, or PPC for short. In the past decade, PPC has taken on a life of its own and now every business wants to make sure that their name is at the top of the list when people are searching for a product or service that they offer. However, PPC is not easy to manage and requires constant monitoring in order for it to be successful. Many businesses try, and fail, to create successful PPC campaigns, wasting a lot of their own money in the process. Instead, the best option is to hire an agency who know what they are doing and are specialised in all things PPC. Carry on reading to find out more about the advantages of using an agency for your next Adwords campaign.

Norms and Benchmarks

An agency will have a bird’s eye view of what the norm is for the area in which their client is operating in. They should be familiar with CPC ranges, what you can expect in terms of conversion rates and what offers will convert the best for your business. For a small business, having to test out many different offers can be really time consuming and so this can save you precious time and money to concentrate on your business. It can also provide the reassurance you need that your business is falling within normal ranges.

Beta Testing Opportunities

When you pay an agency to carry out your Google Ads campaigns you will have a dedicated Google rep who will have access to more exclusivities than someone who is working on their own Adwords campaign. Agencies are favoured by Google as they are a huge revenue source and it is easy for them to get in contact about a beta test and have accounts enrolled. This gives you, the client, access to new methods that your competition may not yet have access to. This also means that by the time it is rolled out to everyone else, you will have a strong grasp of it and will hopefully have solid results that will work to your advantage. This is especially true in sectors that are highly competitive!

Get A Second Opinion

When you are managing just one account for an extended period of time, it can quickly lead to you missing things as you start to sleepwalk on the account. What’s great about using an agency is that it brings in a new, fresh set of eyes and a whole new perspective. This will breath new life into your Google Ads campaigns and you will also tend to find that agencies make well-informed predictions about upcoming changes in your industry that will benefit your campaigns.

All Services Are in One Place

A common struggle that many small businesses tend to run into is that while one person may be able to work on keywords and bids, they will then have to find someone who can design a landing page, then another person to help create the email marketing plan and so on so forth. This can quickly become messy and produce a ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ outcome when you could simply use an agency who are multi-disciplined and can organise all of this for you.

Turnover of Staff

Finally, a big advantage of using an agency is that you do not have to worry about turnover of staff. Many businesses find themselves in a situation where the person who was handling their Google Ads campaigns leaves and then they have no one else with this expertise. With an agency, there is never any downtime that you have to worry about as the client.

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