Full-Service Digital Marketing Campaigns – The Key to Success and ROI

In a world that is highly dependent on digital channels, marketing also means promoting a brand online to increase customer share and sales. If you want to reach your target audience efficiently, advertising and marketing activities need to be streamlined and focused on digital methods.

Traditional marketing tools are still somehow useful, but more and more people rely on technology to find what they want or need. If you don’t increase your company’s presence online, you will lose out on the productive potential of how search engines and social media sites can maximise your success.

There are two ways you can go about handling digital marketing. First, you can hire an agency to conduct a full-service digital marketing campaign for your brand. Second, you can look for individual agencies specialising in different types of digital marketing. Of these two, which option will give you better ROI?

What does it mean to hire a niche agency?

A niche agency is one that only focuses on and is an expert on one area. For example, there are digital marketing agencies that can design and develop your business website, but they won’t be able to handle other aspects of marketing such as SEO. If you are looking for an agency that can handle social media marketing for your business, niche agencies are those that only work on a specific channel like Facebook.

Despite appearing as if at a disadvantage, niche agencies can be beneficial depending on the individual needs and requirements of your company. However, it is not likely that every business is only going to focus on one digital channel to market their brand. Therefore, hiring several niche agencies for individual campaigns does not sound like the most cost-effective solution.

Hiring an agency for full-service digital marketing

In contrast with a niche agency, a full-service digital marketing campaign means you are only dealing with a single company to manage all your marketing needs. The service typically entails several teams handling individual aspects such as website design and development, SEO, content writing, and social media campaigns.

The primary goal of a full-service digital marketing campaign is to identify your business goals and assign KPIs that will help you evaluate the performance of each team. Another advantage of hiring a full-service digital marketing agency is to limit the access to your business information. Multiple niche agencies working on separate aspects of digital marketing means you also need to communicate with different agencies all the time.

You can eliminate much of the hassle of having to go back and forth with your marketing team by working only with a single agency that is capable of doing all for you. When you are working with one agency, you can also ensure that there are a unified voice and perspective on your brand presentation.

Niche or full-service: which is the better choice?

Before you decide which approach is best for your company, it is best to assess your business needs and goals carefully. Make a list of your priorities in digital marketing and determine specific needs that will fit the marketing needs for your brand.

Niche agencies are best if you are looking to focus on a specific channel to market your brand. For example, if a majority of your target audience is active on Facebook, then you can allow a significant amount of your company’s digital marketing budget in hiring an agency that has expertise on Facebook marketing.

Most companies, however, aim for viral reach and recognition. A full-service digital marketing campaign maximises the possibility of harnessing the potential of several digital marketing channels. It is not only more effective, but it also increases success and excellent return of investment.

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