Google Ads – What Are Dynamic Ads?

Google AdWords – What are Dynamic Ads?

In digital marketing, Google is leading the way in creating technology that allows companies to promote their business and target the right customers. Google Ads has been around for many years and many digital marketing agencies and in-house teams alike use this service everyday when writing on-site copy or blog posts to promote a business.

One of the main features of Google Ads is Dynamic Search Ads which allow for a much more precise search for customers. Here, we are going to discuss what Dynamic Ads are and what the benefits are to a business that makes use of them.

What Are Dynamic Ads?

You might have already heard of PPC or SEO in relation to digital marketing and the use of Google Ads – but do you know what Dynamic Ads are? A Dynamic Search Ad tends to use a company’s website to find gaps in the keyword campaigns and use what customers are actually searching for to fill these. It can be easy to miss out on valuable keywords on your site and with the use of Dynamic Ads, you can combat this.

How They Work

In order to target your ads to potential customers, Google use the content from your website. There are a few different targeting options that you can choose from whether that is All Web Pages, Specific Pages or simply Page Feed. It is important that you choose the right option for your business in order to make full use of Dynamic Search Ads and get more traffic to your site.

The Benefits Of Dynamic Ads

There are many different benefits to using Dynamic Ads and this is why we encourage our customers to make use of this feature with our guidance. When you use Dynamic Ads, you can save yourself a lot of time that would normally be spent mapping out keywords and bids for all of the products on your site. You’ll also be able to ensure that your ads are updated automatically and any changes that you make won’t put you back to the start.

Other benefits of using Dynamic Ads on your site include the fact that you are in control of your own campaign and you can control the messaging that your ads contain. With Google AdWords and Dynamic Ads, you can target new markets much faster and capture additional traffic.

With Google AdWords and Dynamic Ads, your business can benefit a lot. Your ads will be much more precise, and people will find your site a lot easier in the future.

When You Shouldn’t Use Them

While Dynamic Ads can be beneficial for many different types of sites, it is a good idea to know when these types of ads won’t work as well. If your website changes rapidly and you tend to have things like daily deals, this type of ad might not benefit your business. This is, with exception of feed-based targeting that you are in control of.

All Dynamic Ads should comply with Google’s terms and conditions and any that aren’t will be removed and this may have consequences for your site. Make sure to have a quick read over these before trying out this service.

Get Started Today With The Media Octopus

Dynamic Ads are an important feature of Google AdWords that can help you to target new customers and make your site stand out from the competition. If you are thinking about trying some Dynamic Ads, then make sure to get in contact with The Media Octopus and we’ll be happy to make this feature work for your business.

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