Google E-A-T Update Explained

Google regularly update their system in order to make sure that all of their features are accurate and that search results are as defined as possible. Of course, this can cause problems for many companies who don’t keep up to date with the changes as they can end up losing their ranking due to poor SEO. Here, we are going to talk you through the latest update from Google which is known as the E-A-T update. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is The E-A-T Update?

The E-A-T Update rolled out on Google on 1st August 2018 and focuses on three main areas. For many businesses, this update was seen immediately as this has been one of the biggest shifts in the Google algorithm so far in comparison to the previous Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin updates. While the shifts in rankings have settled a little now, it is important to look closer at this update.

What Does E-A-T Stand For?

There are three main areas that have been covered by the E-A-T update which include Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. For a website to rank highly on Google, all of these factors need to be considered in terms of both the page and the creator of the page themselves. Google did make it clear that E-A-T still allowed for gossip websites, fashion websites and other less informative sites to keep their ranking.

Who Was Impacted The Most?

One of the biggest site categories to be impacted by the E-A-T update was the ‘Your Money or Your Life’ websites which are also known as YMYL sites. These sites include financial information pages, shopping pages, news articles, legal information pages, medical information pages and much more. Because of the content of these sites, Google made the decision that they could have a negative impact on a user’s decisions and so the E-A-T update affected their ranking.

The sites that provide this sort of information that is backed with research or scientific facts appeared to keep their ranking and Google made sure of this in their algorithm. Certain topics require less formal expertise and so might not have been affected as much.

Other Impacts Of The E-A-T Update

While the YMYL category was hit hard by the E-A-T update, it is also important to note that businesses with multiple locations also saw their rankings fall in favour of local small businesses with only one location. It appears as though Google has ranked these businesses in terms of relevance and so they view local businesses as more relevant than those that are all over the country.

How To Demonstrate High E-A-T

For many people, the effects of the E-A-T update were serious and so it is important to look at some of the ways that high E-A-T can be demonstrated in order to keep rankings high. There are a few ways of doing this including making sure that your content is high-quality and up to date. You should also make sure that you are monitoring your domain and page authorities.

Google also suggests that you refine your About Me page and make sure that you are improving your social media engagement. Finally, you should make sure to refresh your contact page and add an FAQ page which can make you seem like more of an expert on a topic.

Sound Too Complicated?

If the E-A-T update still sounds a little overwhelming then don’t worry because at, The Media Octopus, we stay up to date with all Google updates. If you need help improving your ranking or improving your E-A-T, make sure to get in touch with The Media Octopus today.


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