How to get Local Links

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO. Planning your links and how you are going to increase your stance on the rankings can seriously help to determine how much traffic your site receives. However, making the big links to help you jump up the rankings is not the only SEO task you should be doing. You also need to consider how your business ranks locally. Read on to find out how best to get local links.

What is a Local Link?

A local link is a link which helps boost your rankings based around connections within the local community. If you are a business owner in a small town, you are unlikely to get a high-profile link from somewhere like the New York Times or the BBC. However, you might get a link from your local newspaper or TV station and these are actually considered to be just as important as the big links.

Building links within your community shows that you are considered trustworthy to search engines like Google. This will allow you to rise up the rankings and beat your local competitors. Want your café in York to rise to the top of the local rankings? With the right use of links, you could very well see your business appear on a search engine page with something as simple as “cafés york” as the search term.

How to Get Local Links

There are a few easy ways to start building yourself a selection of local links. Any one of the tactics mentioned here could be a viable way of getting yourself some links to your business which could help with those ever so crucial rankings.


One of the first things you should do is register for a Google My Business account. Submitting this information about where and when your business is open immediately provides a backlink for you to use. You should have a look for other online directories in your local area similar to Google My Business and also link with them.


Another great way to build local links is with sponsorships. A local kids sports club might take sponsorships from different businesses in the community. If you are thinking about sponsoring such an organisation, check their website to see if they have outbound links to their other sponsors before committing.


You could also reach out to the bloggers and influencers who match your industry. Remember that café in York? Why not invite a few bloggers down for a free lunch in exchange for a review. At the end of the review, ask them to pop a link to your website to encourage new traffic. The art of blogging has changed the digital marketing landscape and you should take advantage of it where you can.


Use the media to your advantage. If you are having a grand opening for your new store, phone up your local newspaper and let them know. Send out press releases to be posted on websites with a link to your own site.

This can be applied to any number of different scenarios. If you think something is worthy of a press release, don’t hesitate to include it as part of your local link building strategy. From competitions to significant birthdays for the business, there are countless ways for you to use press releases to your advantage.


Link building is an ongoing process to ensure that you can climb to the top of the rankings and stay there. Make sure that you know the best practices to help you and your company. With the perfect combination of local links and others, your business will be more visible and open to traffic than ever before.

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