3 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Data List.

When looking at statistics, it is clear that the UK has become a country distracted by technology. Over 76% of adults own a smartphone, out of that 76% , 60% use their phone at work, 42% admit to checking their phone at the dinner table and almost half admit to using their phone whilst meeting with friends. With all of that screen time, mobile advertising is the key to getting your brand at the fingertips of your customers.

Getting That Number:

Now that we’ve got you thinking, what really are the best and possibly the easiest ways to increase your mobile data list? With that in mind, here are some great strategies to increase your mobile data list.

  1. Implement a dedicated text-in data capture: All your customer would need to do is send a text message to a designated number and like magic they have subscribed to mobile marketing. To ensure that this method is successful, you need to remember to make it very clear how and what they are subscribing to.
  2. Amend your subscription process: Ensure that leaving a mobile number on your data capture form is compulsory. This should help to increase the response rate as your customer should be contactable more often than not. Don’t forget to make it clear what kind and how many text messages they should expect to receive, that way you have got their full consent.
  3. Add a tick box at checkout: You may have seen for yourself that many companies have a number of tick boxes at the checkout stage of a purchase, for example to approve the companies terms and conditions. At this stage you could add another tick box to enable customers to opt-in to receive a text message when the product is being shipped and to opt into mobile marketing campaigns.

Getting Consent:

Getting consent is one of, if not the most, important aspect of obtaining mobile data. To ensure that you are compliant with data protection regulations it is important to ensure that you are getting consent for the use of your customers personal details. Obtaining consent not only safeguards your brands reputation but also ensures that your mobile marketing strategy is reaching the right people and ensures that your customers are receiving marketing which is relevant to them, which avoids being portrayed as spam.

Let us help:

Here at TMO, our UK data file currently consists of around 15 million consumer data records. Integrating these with your digital marketing campaign will enable you to communicate your brand straight to your customers fingertips. In addition, you can decide who is holding the handset which you’re sending your ads to as we have the ability to segment data files by selecting a set of criteria to profile the audience, including but not limited to, gender, age, postcode and disposable income. Get in touch¬†with one of our data specialists today to plug in high quality and TPS checked mobile data into your marketing strategy.