5 Do’s and Don’t’s for your Adwords Campaign

Getting your paid advertising to work and generate a tangible ROI is no easy task. With the ever-changing Google organic search algorithms, more and more businesses are turning to paid advertising to ensure their brand still appears on page one for search results.

With this in mind,we have quickly pulled together a top 5 do’s and don’t’s for your Adwords campaign:

1. Don’t try to make one advert represent all products/services

Don’t try an approach that has all your products in one advert. For example, “consultancy, insurance, financial advice, management” is too much and covers all services in one ad.

The problem in the example above is, as you can see, all the services in one display advert. Setting up individual campaigns for each keyword not only highlights the selling points and increase relevancy for the product but will significantly improve the chances of success.

Reporting capabilities are also drastically improved, and become a lot more granular once you split out the campaigns. You can really get under the skin of each keyword and see which is performing. This may sound obvious but it is still overlooked by many companies.

2. Don’t direct customers to the homepage

It is very difficult to keep customers’ attention online for more than a few seconds. Make sure that the advert they click on goes directly to the page that corresponds with the ad. This also needs calls to action with a succinct overview to give your ad the best chance of success. You can even go one step further and carry out A/B testing to really identify the best page for conversation.

3. Do make sure to include CAPITALS

Each word in your advert needs to have a capital letter, this will ensure the advert gets noticed and, consequently, increases the chances of it being clicked on.

4. Don’t use your company name as the title

This is a really common mistake to make. For example, “Glen’s tackle shop – selling fishing products” isn’t going to work. You need to go straight in with the selling point.

“Largest selection of cheap fishing tackle in UK” works a lot better and is a lot stronger.  The thing to remember is that the advert is not about your company, it is about the product that the customer is searching online for.

5. Do be aware of when your ads should be running

There will be a time of day suited to each business differently. For example, businesses that want to advertise to teenagers under the age of 18 would be wise not to spend money on advertising during school hours; whereas B2B sales could certainly benefit from having ads running during daytime hours only.

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