5 Moments We Bowed Down to Bowie

Today marks exactly one year since David Bowie’s passing; the start of 2016’s lost legends. We’ve got his tunes on repeat today, but it is the least we could do to treasure his memory. At 69 years old, the Goblin King was universally adored until the end (and beyond). It is impossible to capture the impact Bowie had on music and culture, with his lion- haired mane and strong political aura. He was just fantastic at his own PR, with a hint of fantasy and jest underlying his every move. We’d like to honour five reasons as to why Bowie will never fade…

When he played a trick on the BBC at age 17

In November 1964, young Bowie appeared on a broadcast of the BBC’s Tonight show. Featuring as `Davy Jones` from the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men, Bowie acted out a protest for men with flowing locks. He said: “The last two years we’ve had comments like ‘Darling!’ and ‘Can I carry your handbag?’ thrown at us, and I think it just has to stop now.” The performance was in jest, but it had the nation fooled. Even in his teens, Bowie had the audacity to speak his mind. We like!


That time he appeared in an advert with Tina Turner

At the age of 40, Bowie appeared in a TV ad for Pepsi called Creation. It was `80s pop video at its finest; futuristic technology, fancy footwork, and gleaming spandex had us hooked on the image of David Bowie!


Calling out MTV for being racist was all in a day’s work

Speaking frankly in 1983, Bowie criticized MTV for featuring so few black artists. During an interview with Mark Goodman, the Let’s Dance singer directly asks why black artists only appear early in the morning when there is little traffic. Bowie owns the interview by saying: “Well, I tell you what (showing few black artists) means. I tell you what maybe the Isley Brothers or Marvin Gaye means to a black 17-year-old. Surely he’s part of America as well”. Bowie was not afraid to give his voice to others.


Not forgetting the king-like performance he executed in Labyrinth

Released in 1986, Labyrinth is a classic movie that will mature like a good cheese. Starring alongside Jennifer Connolly and Toby Froud, Bowie’s soundtrack gave us a bigger buzz than the recovery of Sarah’s missing baby. The acting, the singing, the costume- it was everything. If Labyrinth is ever given a reboot, you’d be hard pressed to find another Jareth.


He managed to sculpt success for Blackstar before he died

Blackstar, Bowie’s 25th album, has been described as a requiem or `parting gift` to fans. It took his sound in a different direction, majorly respective of the young Jazz musicians involved. What impressed us though was Bowie’s commitment to sculpting a path for the record before he passed away. Released on his 69th birthday, Blackstar was lovingly littered with secret messages to his fans, including symbolic artwork pointing towards morality.


One year on or a hundred, one thing is for certain- Bowie will never be forgotten!

Image: Vanity Fair 2016 via http://ow.ly/M8tX307ROhG