7 Steps to Growing Your Business

Step One:  Plan, Budget & Focus

No matter what you’re doing, you need to keep your goal in mind, after all what’s a plan without an end game? Think of how you are going to reach it and put together a plan, ensure you keep your marketing budget at the forefront of your decisions to make sure you keep on track.

Step Two: Understand From Within

You already have customers who pay for your product/service, so it’s time to ask yourself, who are they and which ones are your most profitable?  Think about who has recently bought from you, how frequently do they buy from you and what value are they looking for? To be able to attract your perfect new customer, you need to know who your best current ones are.

Step Three: Reaching Out

Now that you know your best prospect customer, it’s time to find them – they are out there – they do exist! You have lots of customer acquisition options – social media, email campaigns and direct mail, telemarketing – or it could be a combination of them all.

Step Four: Dare to be Different

No matter what industry you’re in, the market is more competitive than ever before.  You need to stand out – don’t be afraid to be different – let your campaigns show off your personality.

Step Five: Be Microscopic With Results

Drill down – the devil is in the detail as they say – you need to understand what has worked well and what hasn’t worked so well. By understanding the metrics and seeing what has driven engagement, you will be able to see what has worked well for you and what needs to  be changed to allow growth and success.

Step Six: Do it Again. Do it Better.

Test, learn and adapt – be flexible – If something has worked well for you, do it again. If something hasn’t, do it again but better. It really is that simple!

Step Seven: Show Your Passion

Don’t do anything half-heartedly; stay passionate about everything you do – show your passion, let your prospects see it. If you believe in your business and your product, everyone else will soon follow.

If you need help with growing your business and finding the perfect customer, get in touch with our specialist customer acquisition team.