WATCH: How to generate leads through remarketing

Remarketing can drive ROI (Return on Investment) for all types of advertisers and businesses, by reconnecting people to relevant ads across their different devices¹

Have you ever viewed a dress on your favourite online store, and found that it has followed you around on your phone, tablet and desktop for days after? Shops will often run a remarketing campaign to remind visitors to purchase a product, sometimes even with a big discount added.

At the Media Octopus, we specialise in customer acquisition campaigns such as remarketing. Our Head of Digital, Ashley Molyneux talks through how remarketing can be used as a smart lead generation tool.

Ashley, who has worked in digital marketing for 7 years said: “Remarketing is a clever way to re-engage with web visitors, those who have not made an immediate enquiry but have viewed or shown interest in a product before leaving a web page.

“It allows the use of really targeted ads, enabling businesses to get key messages in front of people who have interacted with product specific pages online”.

For the purpose of explaining a product specific campaign, we’ll use our website as an example, We offer both data and digital services but imagine that we only wanted to remarket to prospective customers who have visited our digital landing pages.

Ashley said: “To remarket to this defined audience, we would set rules within AdWords to say, show this banner to people who have visited the website and specifically viewed our PPC product but did not fill out an online enquiry.

“We could then present a banner to that pool of people looking for an expert in Pay Per Click.

“The desired result would be for the customer to return to our product pages to complete an online goal”.

Remarketing uses tactics to access customers at the latter end of the buying cycle, such as `Shopping Basket Abandoners`. It’s all about targeting the right customers at the right point in the conversion funnel.

Remarketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what type of audience you want to attract and for what purpose. For example, you might want to target people who have just reached your URL and made the first point of contact with your brand, rather than someone on the verge of purchasing a product.

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¹ Google Adwords 2017