Case Study: Selling Snow to Eskimos

You don’t need us to tell you that the retail sales landscape is becoming trickier as the months pass.

Shoppers are becoming more savvy, increasingly demanding and considerably more difficult to persuade to spend their money with you. Consumer personalities are becoming ever more complex and the wider channel fragmentation leads to uncertainty for business to decide upon just what is the best way to communicate and sell to their audience. At The Media Octopus, we get all of this. We get audiences. We get digital marketing. We get ROI. Essentially, we get making marketing count.

Convenience Stores

Recently, we made a big difference at The Co-Op in Scotland – it wasn’t selling snow to Eskimos, but we did manage to sell lots coffee and doughnuts using a mixture of Facebook, a pinch of strategy and a generous dash of creativity.

The Challenge:

Can social media become a commercially viable channel for customer acquisition for the retail Food to Go proposition throughout the Scotmid Cooperative stores?

Our Solution:

The digital team began using paid-for Facebook advertising which was geo-mapped and mobile optimised. Geo-mapping allowed us to target a specific area and target audience to ensure that the advertisements were seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Our campaign was spread across ten test stores and the data was compared to thirty non-campaign stores. Our digital team analysed the data on a daily basis to ensure the campaign was meeting targets and running efficiently.

The Results:

Out of the ten test stores, nine stores had an increase in the number of Food to Go sales, with the top performing store seeing a 41% increase in sales. The social audience reach increased by a staggering 1609% and, not to forget, the number of social media followers in the 18-24 demographic not only increased but doubled!

We Relish a Challenge

The Media Octopus work with all types and sizes of companies, from start-up to UK Central Government. We also work across lots of different sectors, everything from Green Energy to the cut and thrust of Consumer Retail and everything in between. Our aim is to make a difference to our clients whether that be through Sales uplifts, social media audience builds, effective reputation management or digital lead generation.

We are confident that we could make a real difference to your business too, so get in touch with our specialist team today to find out how we can help your business grow.

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