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Regardless of Brexit, regardless of the new snap General Election, GDPR is coming. The guidance is a working document- sending agencies, suppliers, and associations alike into a frenzy of “Well what do we do now?”. As a data-driven…

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GDPR is coming: Take our quiz to see if you’re clued up or clueless

Are you a GDPR Guru? Take the quiz to find out!

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GDPR: Our Interpretation of the ICO’s Guidance on Profiling

Fill in your contact detail and we’ll send you a… If you work within a data-driven business handling or processing data, you will be aware of the guidance released by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Article 29…

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Don’t Ignore Compliance- It Won’t Ignore You

The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined businesses more than £2 million pound in the last two years, due to breaches in compliance procedures. The government’s data protection regulator, known as the ICO, issued 49 monetary penalties including a…

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The facts of 3rd party consent

Consumer views on how they like to be acquired as a customer. READ MORE IN DECISION MARKETING

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