Why Content Remains King, Even in a Digital World

It is now two decades since Bill Gates told us that ‘content is king’ and although many businesses have tried to prove that times have changed and the maxim is no longer relevant, it remains a cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. As marketers become increasingly focused on the power of social networks and the importance of big data, we take a look at why quality content remains essential to success.

CONTENT IS KING: Content remains essential to successful marketing

Reliance on other content


Virtually all marketing campaigns rely on some sort of content to communicate their message. If you’re not creating your own original content, you are relying on someone else’s content. Not only does this dilute a marketing team’s message by trying to force a fit between outside content and the precise goals and style of your campaign, it also reinforces and boosts the original creator’s profile. By deferring to the authority of competitors, you are developing a reliance on their output and suggesting to others that they are the superior business. The creation of original content cuts this reliance and puts you back in the driving seat, allowing you to develop more intricate and tailored marketing campaigns for you and your business.


Social media alone is not enough


While social media platforms give you access to an incredible number of potential customers, presence alone will not attract interest. The only thing that will generate and maintain interest in a company or product is regular content creation. It is important to remember that content needs to be tailored to the platform it will be communicated through, so it’s worth taking the time to develop content that is appropriate for specific mediums and audiences. It is important to remember at this stage that all social media platforms are different and therefore have different requirements.


Ease of access dilutes the market


Though the growth in use of the Internet as a commercial platform has made getting a product to market that much easier, it has also resulted in the market being diluted with professional looking companies and products, many of which are indistinguishable when you strip away the fancy websites and flashy apps. It is easy to spend a lot of money developing a state of the art website or releasing a new app, but market saturation means that customers do not have the patience to search through reams of identical websites to find the right one. Instead they rely on content to distinguish those companies who know what they are doing from those that do not. By using content to prove that you are an authority in your field, you reassure customers in search of a business that you can deliver on what you promise.


If you do not have the resources, man power or time to create original and powerful content, get in touch with the TMO team. Our specialist content team can create engaging, relevant and unique content to help your business stand out from the crowd.