EMMO Energy is lighting up the solar industry… just six months after launch

“People think we’re crazy going into the solar industry,” says EMMO Energy’s Ellie Williams, who co-founded the family business.

“The industry’s cold, there’s no money in it anymore,” She said, “But I think they’re wrong.

“There is a lot of stigma surrounding solar and renewable energy”.

Just six months after its launch, EMMO now supplies to customers across the South-West- including Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and its home county, Cornwall.

The October born business provides products and services in renewable energy, including electricity and gas, with oil and log burner fuels in the business plan for early 2018.

Ellie- who works alongside her dad Jack Mably, brother Chris Mably and sister Amy Mably- formerly worked for a solar business in Devon.

She said: “The product and services were good, but the customers needed some educating.

“With our knowledge, I knew my family and I could offer a similar product proposition but with a better experience for the end user.

“The solar industry is missing good, thoughtful customer service, there’s definitely a gap for it”.

Ellie’s family gathered around the dining table to discuss the main goal in mind; to reduce or eliminate as many energy bills for customer’s as possible.

With 26million homes in the UK, 20million of which are viable for solar and 9 million of those still left to qualify for the time-fragile government subsidies – opportunities are abundant.

She said: “We set out to cut running costs for homes like ours, and now we reduce outgoings by tens of thousands.

“That to our family is huge, so I know we are on purpose. We’ve got it right.

“The impact we can have on homeowners’ lifestyles is larger than we anticipated”.

The family works as a consultative team; Ellie and her dad will visit homes to do an energy assessment, which involves analysing how energy is used within the home and pinpointing areas where money can be saved. Once a proposal has been written up, it’s time for dad and son to install EMMO’s energy saving products such as solar panels, battery storage, and hot water boosters.

EMMO’s forthcoming services, `Oil & Log Clubs`, will involve buying oil and sustainably sourced log burners and fuels and supplying it to customers at a heavily reduced price.

Ellie said: “This won’t make us money; it’s just an extra for our customers and allows us to do our bit for the environment.

“We want to support families like ours.

“When new customers sign up for services with us, we welcome them into the family too. We’ve got to stick together!”

EMMO has appointed Manchester digital marketing agency The Media Octopus to manage a fully integrated campaign, which will fuel customer acquisition for the business.

TMO’s Maddie Brindley-Slater, who is heading up the account for EMMO said: “We want to be with EMMO for the long run, taking them from a small business to one attracting the wide customer base they deserve.

“They’ve come so far from the blank slate they were in 2016- I can’t wait to watch them grow”.

On working with TMO, Ellie said: “This working relationship has unlocked huge opportunities for us. They have captured our USP and vision and are making the world of online marketing an accessible and financially viable strategy for our young company.

“It’s all about boosting our online presence and getting our name and proposition out to homeowners across the UK.

“We might be tucked away in Cornwall, but we will never turn a customer away”.

To learn more about EMMO, click here.