How to Ensure Your Digital Marketing Brings Results

Digital is a battlefield in advertising, with businesses directing large amounts of money, time and effort towards creating and implementing a coherent and successful marketing strategy. However, it is often difficult to know how best to use your resources, what constitutes an intelligent strategy and whether or not a campaign has been successful. 

Keep track of your target audience

When it comes to digital marketing, it is absolutely vital that you re-evaluate your target audience; gathering more detailed information on their behaviour and creating more complex ICPs (Ideal Character Profiles). In the digital age, consumer habits change incredibly quickly and it’s all too easy to fall behind the curve only to realise too late that you have been targeting the wrong audience. Marketers need to keep track of changes in the way customers are using new technologies, how they shop, and what they want from the shopping experience to ensure success.

Use analytics to measure success

Although it’s often difficult to know whether your campaign has succeeded to the extent desired, analytical tools offer companies a way of measuring the impact of a campaign and can provide a deeper insight into what a marketing campaign has achieved. By analysing information concerning Internet traffic, such as how many users visit a site, how they reach a site, how long they stay on a site and how they share content, you can better understand where a campaign is failing and begin to develop solutions.

Optimise for mobile

An increasing number of users are accessing the Internet through mobile devices and businesses need to ensure they are prepared to offer customer experiences that reflect this. If a website or app is not mobile optimised, businesses run the risk of losing a huge amount of custom. With recent research suggesting that users are five times more likely to navigate away from a site if it is not mobile optimised,[i] companies need to ensure they are catering to users employing mobile devices.

Don’t be too general

Finally, digital marketing campaigns often run the risk of trying to appeal to too wide an audience while employing too many distinct marketing strategies. Though you want to attract as much attention as possible, diluting your marketing campaign’s efficiency by trying to balance SEO, social media, email marketing and multimedia productions is not an intelligent use of your budget or time. Instead, develop an in-depth marketing strategy that targets a few specific areas and works towards well-defined goals. A rise in the availability of data has also meant that campaigns can be more personalised and targeted than ever before, but just as marketing should not be too general, it should also not exceed the other end of the scale by being overly specific – finding the right balance is key.

Achieve your goals

The TMO Team can create a unique digital marketing strategy to ensure that you are targeting, and more importantly reaching your desired target audience. To find out more about how we can help your business get grow and keep customers, contact us today.