Is Failure Really the Key To Success?

Honestly, this is something I’m very passionate about and quite frankly, I’m not sure I totally agree with failure being the key to success. Many people go through life without ever encountering any huge failures and go on to be very successful. However, there is some merit in going through tough times, learning, adapting and overcoming challenging times.

And that’s what I’m looking for when The Media Octopus recruit. We have an ongoing recruitment strategy of taking the best graduates from the surrounding universities. These guys have come from various disciplines but more often than not, given their top grades, have always succeeded in everything they have done to date. So it’s hard to say ‘hey, you’ve never failed so you can’t have a job’. That would be ridiculous.

There is a mantra in Silicon Valley – Fail Fast!

Well, I think that’s easy to say when it’s not your money and some nice Venture Cap has invested millions of dollars in your business in the hope it’s the next Facebook. But most of us that run a business live in the real world and we have skin in the game and it’s our money that we are not prepared to take a punt with. I don’t say fail fast, I say approach with a plan, work the plan and do more of what works.

But I think when it comes to business, or whatever you decide to do, it is important to stay hungry, never take anything for granted and accept you won’t always get it right. It’s how we react to getting it wrong that really matters; do we come out fighting or do we turn around and throw the towel in? (#JoeHart)

I like to observe people’s reactions when the chips are down. Some people need an arm around them (especially the grads) and guiding through it. Some people have that desire to bite down hard on the gum shield and find that second wind and overcome. They are a rare breed and if you get one make sure you look after them.

In summary, I think that a range of experience, whether good or bad, is the key to success and having a good balance allows us to see how to succeed in the future and how to avoid failure – this has certainly helped me!