Google introduces transparency for marketers’ video ads

As part of its goal of ‘full transparency’ for marketers, Google have announced viewability reporting across its ad platforms. This means that now, brands who publish video ads via DoubleClick will know whether their content is being watched by users, as opposed to scrolling off-screen or being skipped.

According to the company, while advertisers won’t know whether the sounds was on, or how long their ad was viewable, both of these features are said to come later this year. However, this announcement means that Google will now tell advertisers whether at least 50% of their video ad was in view for at least two seconds.

A truer picture of ‘viewability’

In the coming days, Google will roll out viewability reporting to all marketers and publishers on DoubleClick and its ad exchange. Ads booked through Google Preferred (a service pairing advertisers with the top YouTube channels) or YouTube ads reserved at a premium will also be able to benefit from these changes.

As director of media and advertising trade body, ISBA, Bob Wootton commented on the subject of reimbursing advertisers for ads which are not viewable:

“There is a discussion to be had around the Media Rating Council’s [standard] that has been implemented in the US. Seeing an ad for around two seconds with 50% in view surely is a very low bar to meet when talking about ‘viewable’ impressions.”

Making viewability a concrete metric for video ads, VP of video and display ads for Google, Neal Mohan, emphasises the need for full transparency for marketers:

“With the confidence that their ads can be seen by a real person, marketers can then go on to strive for – and measure – what really matters: impact and engagement.”

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