Google launches automated call extensions for mobile ads

Google is launching automated call extensions for mobile ads, to roll out across Display and Search networks for businesses using AdWords.

The update will enable potential customers to dial businesses via a Google ad, by placing a phone number or click-to-call button within the text.

According to Google AdWords, mobile search engines are predicted to drive nearly 33 billion `clicks-to-call` to businesses globally, generating 19% more calls than from mobile landing pages alone.

The update, which involves pulling existing phone numbers from mobile landing pages, will be billed the same as a cost-per-click.

Businesses relying heavily on telecommunication-based lead generation will benefit from an increased volume of incoming calls.

According to Search Engine Land, the impression volume for call extensions is likely to increase from the get-go of its launch.

Call extensions will start to appear in mobile ads from 6th February this year.