Guest blogging is dead…well kind of!

In a recent conference, Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam at Google provocatively declared “the death of guest blogging for SEO”. This is indeed a bold statement from the power house that is Google; however, we assess to what extent Matt is implying.

The last few years have seen a vast change in the algorithmic patterns behind search engine marketing, and the old rule book has been thrown out of the window. Panda, Penguin and more recently Hummingbird, have completely changed the way SERP’s are displayed. So when Google say something, it normally means pay attention, because it will have a ripple effect.

What exactly does this mean

Don’t worry, guest blogging isn’t actually dead, it was said slightly tongue in cheek. However, it does mean you need to think about your approach. What Cutts was referencing to was the systematic, multi-email request way for guest blogging, in the hope this creates mass links to your site, in the same way links were created in the forgotten times of a few years ago where any old link will do via directories or link farms.

His argument is that this is simply replacing the old mass link building in a slightly different way, but is fundamentally the same principal. Obviously his aim is not to impede multi author bloggers, or bloggers that do it for the love of their interests and social reach; “I don’t want to throw the baby out of the water” he confessed. His intention is to simply make it feel more genuine; as it should be, you could argue.

Google’s view on Guest blogging for links


Is guest blogging still valuable?

Yes, is the underlying answer, but you need to go about it in the right way. This is through building genuine links and building relationships with the bloggers and/or brands, and most crucially, ensure that you have a connection that will shine through and add credit and value to your business, plus the people reading it.

Stick to these fundamental tips and your blogging strategy will be built on solid foundations. Don’t let this recent statement detour you, there is still plenty of values and reasons to get a genuine guest blog as long as it’s done in the right and honest way.

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