Why Guest Posting Is Better Than EastEnders Live (Part 1)

Guest blogging can mean a different things depending on your viewpoint so let’s clear that up before we begin. Here, we’re talking about writing articles for other people’s sites – we’re the guests. (The other meaning is asking other’s to write on your blog – they’re the guests).


There are a myriad of benefits to guest blogging yet it remains largely unexploited by many budding SEO aficionados.


This, in part, is because finding the right blog on which to ‘guest’ can be difficult. Should you pay to appear? And if so, how much?


This is driven by your SEO strategy, guiding morals and existing relationships. Other quibbles arise over the quality of your content and ‘putting yourself out there’ as a brand.
Guest posting is also a ‘long game’. Like every marketing activity, it’s not something to do once in a while. Dedicating time and effort to guest posting is what drives its value; but that value is HUGE and should not be underestimated.
This article is part one of a two part series and will detail why it’s so damn good for your business to guest post. Part 2 will tell you HOW to be a great guest poster.

Ready to be mind blown? Let’s begin.



There are three requirements for great SEO. They are, in no particular order:
1. Good site architecture
2. Brilliant content and
Guest blogging delivers tremendous value for the latter. A post on another site will usually contain at least one, possibly two links back to your site. Exactly how many and where they appear is up to the blogger hosting your post, but two is about average.
Why so good? Search engines consider links to your website as authority – this raises the value of your blog and makes your content easier to find.


There are a couple of audience benefits to guest posting. Firstly, you can be incredibly targeted with the people you’d like to reach; blogs exist in all sorts of niches.
A note of warning here – guest post SPAM is not tolerated and rumour has it Google is beginning to discriminate against it. SPAM in this context would be guest posting a ‘sell’ or information that’s largely irrelevant to the audience just to get backlinks. Part 2 will delve into guest posting best practice in more detail.
The second audience benefit is reach. A guest post will expose your work to a new readership and their extended network. If you’re posting great content and adding value to the sector or industry discussion, you’re going to increase dialogue, followers and influence.
And don’t dispel the power of that dialogue – good or bad, finding our more about what your potential customers want is always valuable.


Relationships are the cornerstone of great business and it’s no different with guest posting. Building relationships with bloggers leads to all sorts of warm and fuzzies. Not only are you more likely to be invited to post again, they’re more likely to include you in their circle of influence – in their recommendations, their content, their wider network.
Sure, this helps with SEO when online. Offline, it has the potential to push your business and brand towards your target audience and influential individuals.
They say guest posting can be potentially FIVE TIMES more valuable than posting on your own site. Join us for Part 2 of the guest posting series to learn top tips for making this practice a reality.
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