How PPC Advertising with Google AdWords Works

Paid Search Advertising—or pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising as it’s more commonly come to be known—is a great way to compliment your organic search and SEO efforts. But what is PPC and how does it actually work?

PPC can be really useful for increasing inbound leads and conversions with demonstrable ROI, and can also be used to capture new audiences outside of your website’s current SEO standing.

When users search for your brand, a product or even a service into a search engine, they’ll be given a list of organic search results with links to various websites that the search engine deems most relevant for the search. They’ll also often get served a series of results—usually down the righthand side of the page, and occasionally at the top—that are actually adverts that have been carefully bid on by businesses in order to promote their service to relevant audiences. By using PPC advertising, you can really start to open up the market for your product or services and reach new, interested customers.

Any business can start using Paid Search advertising, but it takes some skill and talent to get the best ROI. We’re lucky to have a great Paid Search team here at The Media Octopus that really knows how to maximise a business’ PPC account to get the best returns for the money spent. They really get to understand your business, carefully research the keywords and the searches that people are using to find your product or service, and structure an account to bid on those keywords and get your business in front of the right audiences.

So, how does a Paid Search Auction work?

In some ways it’s simple: you find keywords relevant to your business, you figure out how much you want to spend, and then you create groupings of keywords that are paired with ads that will trigger if your ad wins the bidding auction.

But getting the ads to show to the right people at the right price takes a little bit more skill.

The guys over at WordStream have done a great job of putting the auction process together in a great infographic. Take a look at it below to get a better idea of what goes into getting a Paid Search ad shown on Google.


Want to Get Started with PPC?

If you want to get started with Paid Search Advertising, or would like to further maximise your current PPC accounts, why not get in touch with our great PPC team here at The Media Octopus? We can help to research, build and monitor your PPC accounts to start generating more leads and conversions for your business in no time at all.

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