INFOGRAPHIC: Making Social Video Work For Your Brand

Video is captivating, easily consumed and can be more informative than even the most-well-informed blog post. Its sharability and potential viral nature draws marketers in from every verticle imaginable.

Social video was a hot topic and key theme throughout the day when we attended the IAB UK Digital Britain Conference here in Manchester back in April.  As Olly Smith, Commercial Director for EMEA, Unruly Media, commented: “There has never been a better time for a brand to invest in creating and distributing content that causes people to laugh out loud, tingle with anticipation or feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand on end.”

As both consumers and producers in the digital space, we see videos as a great catalyst for engagement. What’s important is that the success of a video shouldn’t be measured by how many views it generates; rather the number of shares, a gold standard metric in social which offers a big opportunity to influence brand performance and awareness.

Our infographic explores key tips for making social video work for your brand to maximise the potentially powerful communication form, with our four pointers take you from ideas to measurement. Enjoy!


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