Instagram Launches Live Video App

We logged onto our Instagram profiles last night to discover its live video feature is in full swing. Hurrah!

And it’s as easy as swiping right then tapping `Start Live Video`.  Once you’ve started to film, your followers will be notified and can tune in.

Positioned on the top bar alongside Instagram Stories, each video is displayed in a bubble format adorning a bold pink stamp. This helps us to differentiate a Story between a Live, but makes sense to have them paired together for easy viewing.

Recordings automatically disappear once they are over, giving us the opportunity to provide our followers with a raw sneak-peek of our day, rather than carefully branded content which sits on the profile forever.

Friends and followers can comment on a broadcast in real-time, with each one popping up in a burst of love hearts and text. By way of aesthetical design, it stays loyal to Instagram’s organised fonts and layout.

Like Facebook and Twitter, the app allows users to broadcast as well as stream content for the first time, offering us that extra interaction we crave.

Instagram says the videos give the Instagram community “another way to connect with friends and followers, in the moment, and in a fun, low-pressure way”.

Instagram Stories will see a lot of development this year, with ads being tested by brand giants such as Nike and Netflix later this month.

Photo source: Instagram