What lessons can be taken from MyBlogGuest penalisation?

On the 19th of March 2014, something happened that will change the face of guest blogging for ever… Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam at Google, announced the penalty issue of the well known large guest blogging site, MyBlogGuest. This signalled a major step from Google in its plans to reduce unnatural link building. Although MyBlogGuest didn’t offer a paid for links service, which sat them right on the border of the unnatural link building fence, clearly Google decided it was enough to penalise them.

MyBlogGuest, which bosted more than 73,000 users in 2013 with an average of 256 articles posted per day, are one of, if not the most, high profile link-building sites to have been hit thus far. This was a powerful statement from Google, and is arguably the biggest step they have taken to date with their recent drive towards natural guest blogging.

What is the result?

Unfortunately for MyBlogGuest’s users, or those with links pointing to their site that were created within MyBlogGuest, they have begun receiving invalid link notices appearing in their Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Those that used the MyBlogGuest in large volumes have suffered more and have started to receive spammy link warnings and even penalties from Google.

In some cases sites that had built up a reasonable PR presence thanks to the links they have been building, have seen them completely removed and graded down to PR 0 overnight!

What can be taken from this?

Clearly the days of posting blogs on any site for links appears to be dead and buried. However, this does not mean that you should automatically have a cautious approach to guest blogging; it simply needs to be genuine and done in the right way.

This is through building genuine links and building relationships with the bloggers and/or brands, and most crucially, ensure that you have a connection that will shine through and add credit and value to your business and the person reading it.

If you are still unsure, then place no follow links, however if you have a genuine connection and you are a thought leader within that space there should be no reason to change you stance.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts with regards to guest blogging:

Although this was a harsh lesson from Google, and for MyGuestBlog, it was unfortunately at their expense. It was a clear statement of intent towards the future of link building. Although it was a very clear example set by Google, if you build links in a natural and organic way, your links will be on solid foundations and you should continue in the exact same fashion!