Our Tips For Getting Email Marketing Right

Email marketing has been ranked as number one, almost twice as high as the likes of direct mail, social media, PR and trade shows in terms of creating a return on investment for companies. It still remains the cheapest and most robust in terms of ROI and is one of the most effective channels for communication, generating leads and improving brand impressions.
Here are our top tips for you to consider when approaching email marketing which we hope you’ll find useful!

1. Choose the right email service provider

It’s important to consider the best email service provider for your campaign. There are plenty email marketing software packages, such as DotMailer, which allow you to display emails presented as web pages, make it easier to deal with unsubscribes and obtain useful stats to help measure success of the campaign. Always remember to conceal fellow subscribers’ email addresses!

2. Manage your database and define your email lists

Segmentation is the way forward for email marketing. Divide your client database into selections that fit the needs of your different target audiences so you can send relevant emails to each one. Hitting the right people at the right time in the customer cycles encourages the desired action, while personalisation can help to build trust and increase brand awareness. Make sure you keep your database up-to-date too by removing addresses that result in bounces and process opt-outs.

3. Get the subject line and content right

Getting your first message right is a crucial part of determining whether your email is opened, so choose a powerful subject line to arouse curiosity and induce the reader to click through. Create engaging content, whether that be through articles, reviews, special offers or photo galleries depending on your aim. Either include all the content within the email or look at using ‘teaser’ paragraphs which lead to your website.

4. Keep the design simple and visual

The key to the layout of your email campaign is to keep it simple. Make it easy for the reader to absorb content, space out text and separate articles with sub-headings, split up with images and/or videos so it’s varied. A word of warning: remember that every image added increases the time it will take for your message to download for the reader – compress the images to the smallest file size possible.

5. Integrate social media into email marketing

Perhaps the biggest challenge for email marketers is to engage with consumers. This is where social media steps in: it’s the perfect companion for email and presents an ideal outlet for online interaction, just think about the additional reach and additional users who don’t feature on your email lists. By integrating you email marketing with social media, whether through publishing content to social networks, adding social sharing icons and producing an email sign-up form on your channels.

6. Optimise open and click on emails on mobile

A study by Pure360 revealed that out of the 72% who opened emails on a desktop, 27% resulted in clicks, compared to the 28% of emails opened on mobile devices with 10% click rate. Ensure you encourage and incentivise your readers, whatever the industry, to want to click through to read more of the content produced.

7. Follow email etiquette

Help the reader out by offering options. For instance, even though it’s the last thing you want, allow the opportunity for them to unsubscribe, make sure hyperlinks are clear and in blue and add social share buttons. Always proof-read the content, avoid using words known to trigger spam filters and make every email count, don’t go overboard!

8. Measure and analyse!

Use analytics to measure how successful your email campaign has been. Establish important information such as how many people have opened the message, clicked onto the website, unsubscribed, and so on. This, plus sharing and conversion rates plus revenue per email, will determine what has worked and what hasn’t, allowing you to assess what should appear in your next email.

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