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The Media Octopus is a full service PPC management agency that’s trusted by many leading SME’s, Corporates & Global Brands. Our team of expert PPC managers are on hand to assist with all your needs from new account set-up through to existing account audits and agency transfers.

What we can do for you

Search Pay Per Click

Search Ads

Search ads appear next to the organic listings on search engines when people look for products and services you offer.

Google Shopping

Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads are a form of advert that appear on Google and Bing that display your product when searched for.

Google Display

Display Ads

Display ads appear on over two million websites and apps. This level of coverage is excellent for providing you with online presence.

Dynamic Display

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic remarketing allows you to re-target your audience based on the users behavior within your website or webpage.


Video Ads

Video ads are an excellent way to push your brand. Typically they are shown before, during and/or after a video steam.

Social media

Social Ads

Social advertising utilises Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked-In to serve relevant ads to your target audience.

gmail promotions

Gmail Promotions

Gmail ads are displayed at the top of your inbox. When clicked the advert content is displayed similar to an email.

Application promotions

App Ads

App advertisements are an extremely effective way of promoting your app to users using an iOS or Android device.

Your full service online advertising includes

PPC Audit

Free PPC Audit & Account Review

Whether you are already running a PPC campaign or not, every new client begins with a client discovery meeting. This first step ensures the our team are perfectly aligned with the goals & expectations. We also look at competitors, USP’s and target audience.

Not sure if your campaign is performing as well as it should? Let us run a free PPC audit and find out.

PPC Audit


We’ll carry out extensive research into your target audience and close competitors to really understand your business, industry and competition.

We also define the relevant keywords that will allow us to target in market prospects using tried and tested methods to ensure we target the right keywords that convert without wasting budget on irrelevant ones that don’t.

PPC Audit

Build & Implementation

Our in-house specialists build your unique, targeted campaigns to provide you with the lowest cost per conversion.

PPC Audit

PPC Management & Optimization

Include budget control, refreshed adverts, campaign optimization.

Once the campaign goes live, TMO will check, check and double check to ensure we are hitting the right number of impressions, click through rates, conversions and truly delivering genuine return for your click spend budget.

Our aim is simple; generate as many leads/conversions as possible whilst trying to save you money by optimizing the account.

PPC Audit

Reporting (100% Transparent Reporting)

Don’t just take our word for it, why not log into your reporting suite and see for yourself.

We provide real-time, daily, weekly and monthly reports so you can be as close to the campaigns as we are. We aim to provide to real insight into what is working but also what might not be with your campaign, so that we can make informed decisions based on facts.

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