Retarget Your Audience to Secure Conversions

Re-targeting or re-marketing is excellent for regaining attention from your audience after they visit your website. Re-marketing ensures that your website visitors and, more importantly, potential customers, don’t forget their visit to your site.

Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations or promote awareness of your brand, re-marketing can be a strategic component of your advertising. It can drive return on investment (ROI) for all types of advertisers.

As it can be set up to such a granular level, the specific items or services that visitors viewed during their visit to your site can be shown to them afterwards in adverts, prompting them to act upon their initial interest by returning to make a purchase, make an enquiry or subscribe to your newsletter. Alternatively, you can also make use of re-targeting on a broader level as part of an intelligent, strategic online brand awareness campaign..

Why Focus On Re-marketing?

The Stats:

Up to 90% of your audience don’t convert on their first visit.
Re-turning visitors are up to 70% more likely to convert.
The Benefits:

A conversion rate of up to 1000% can be achieved.
Reduce cost per conversion by up to 50%.
Increase conversion rate by up to 20%.



How Does It Work?

Re-Target Your Visitors

We can segment your audience into individual campaigns based on which pages they have visited on your websites. This allows us to target specific ads, whether it be for a higher level item, such as ‘men’s clothing’ or for the individual product.

The list can even be refined further by engagement such as number of pages visited, requested a brochure or even made contact, typically these users will be more likely to convert.

Basket/Checkout Abandoners

Shopping basket abandonment is an issue faced by a number of online retailers and can seemingly represent missed revenue opportunities. This audience can be seen as having the highest intent for purchase and typically do offer the highest conversion rates. Sometimes the visitor requires a small incentive to make the purchase such as ‘last minute deal – must end today’.

Re-Market & Advertise to Customers

Re-marketing can also be taken advantage as a branding exercise to your current customers and visitors that have completed a certain goal. This is a very low cost solution to helping keep your current customers and re-market your brand.

The Types of Re-marketing Channels We Offer:

Standard Re-marketing

Show ads to your past visitors as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.

Dynamic Re-marketing

Boost your results with dynamic re-marketing, which takes re-marketing to the next level with ads that include products or services that people viewed on your website.


Show ads to people who have used your mobile app or mobile website as they use other mobile apps or browse other mobile websites.

Standard Search Network

Show ads to your past visitors as they carry out follow-up searches for what they need on Google, after leaving your website.

Video Re-Marketing

Show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they use YouTube and browse Display Network videos, websites and apps.

Email List

With Customer Match, upload a list of email addresses that your customers have given you. When those people are signed in to Google Search, YouTube or Gmail, you can show them ads.