Mobile Optimisation: Got it Sussed?

With at least 36 million smartphone users in the UK alone, we cannot ignore the importance of mobile platforms. It’s time we started to wrap our heads around mobile optimisation; our marketing strategies are about to become future proof.

What is Mobile Optimisation?

Mobile optimisation is the process of taking a traditional desktop website and redesigning and re-coding it so that it provides the best possible user experience on mobile devices. Due to differences in the way mobile devices function and display information, a website designed for desktop viewing can often prove impossibly difficult to navigate or interpret when viewed on a mobile device. By prioritising content, adjusting the site to fit a new screen size and creating a more streamlined, quicker-to-load webpage, businesses can make accessing its pages more enjoyable and far easier for their customers.


Ease of Access

Ease of access is absolutely essential for any business hoping to attract mobile users. With recent research suggesting that 57% of users will navigate away from a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load[1] and that 30% of users will abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimised for mobile devices,[2] it is clear that mobile optimisation plays a vital role in grabbing and maintaining the attention of users. If marketers aren’t able or willing to optimise their content and websites for mobile users, they will miss out on one of the fastest growing markets on the planet. As consumer habits change, so too must business habits.


Social Media & Apps

Mobile optimisation is also of vital importance when it comes to the growing power of social networks and app development. If the vast majority of customers are viewing a business’ content or accessing its products through social networks on a mobile device, the way marketers communicate information needs to reflect that. Content should be designed so that mobile users find it easy to consume. It needs to be streamlined, formatted into easy to digest segments, employ a variety of media forms and, most importantly of all, capture the imagination and attention of the user. Understanding the way mobile users interact with social media platforms and apps is therefore an essential component of mobile optimisation.




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