Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

With less than 24hours to go, so many people are yet to decide which way to vote so we thought we should put together a resource which may help you decide one way or another.

Over the past few months, on the run-up to EU Referendum, there has been a lot of scaremongering from both the leave and remain campaigns, whether it be in terms of immigration, economics or politics. Here at TMO, we think it’s important to know the facts (and fiction) which both sides are putting forward this will help to ensure a valid vote. The resource is made up of articles from credible sources, which contain both facts and opinions from both sides of the debate.


Marketing Week:

May 2016 – What would Brexit mean for marketers?

June 2016 – Marketers feel left in the dark and unprepared for a potential Brexit.


FiFinancial_Times_corporate_logo.svgnancial Times:

June 2016 – The UK in Europe: a visual guide to Brexit

June 2016 – Brexit in seven charts – the economic impact


5yHw8UwCInstitute of Directors:

June 2016 – Impartial guide for business issues on Brexit

May 2016 – The EU referendum: what you really think


downloadInternational Monetary Fund:

June 2016 – Uncertainty clouds the United Kingdom’s Economic Prospects




The Independent

June 2016 – Brexit: What will happen if Britain leaves the EU and how will it affect you?

June 2016 – EU referendum: Would Brexit destroy the European Union?


One last thing: Don’t forget to vote!