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2018 digital marketing buzzwords explained

Marketing Buzzwords

Are you still mapping out your marketing strategy for the rest of the year and into next? If so, it’s highly likely that you’ll face questions regarding tactics and how best to implement them. To help you make…

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We're Hiring! Sales Manager at TMO

Sales Manager

Sales Manager at The Media Octopus (TMO) – up to £40k + bonus   ✏️  About Us: We are seeking a sharp, experienced Sales Manager to heat up our existing sales team. The Media Octopus (TMO) is a…

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Advertising on Social: Think Beyond Facebook

With a growing number of users searching for information through social, businesses are adapting their advertising strategies to communicate with potential customers in new ways. However, the cost of advertising on social media, particularly Facebook, has risen to…

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How Could Virtual Reality Influence Marketing?

Virtual reality has experienced a surge in interest through recent years, with many experts arguing it is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge. VR is expected to revolutionise many industries by providing better training, greater immersion…

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