The United Kingdom: Not as United as We First thought…

The EU referendum has revealed that the United Kingdom isn’t as united as we first thought. The leave campaign has officially won the EU referendum, receiving 52% of the UK’s vote which means 17,410,742 people have voted to leave the EU.

  1. Number of people who voted:

The turnout for the EU Referendum was a staggering 72%, meaning more than 30million people turned up to vote yesterday. The turnout for yesterday’s vote was the highest since the 1992 general election, meaning it has been the highest public turnout in almost 25years. In last year’s general election there was only a 66% turnout.

  1. A division across the UK

When looking at the overall votes, it seems to be a case of England and Wales versus Scotland and Northern Ireland; In Scotland almost two in three voters wanted to remain in the EU.

Remain Leave
England 46.8% 53.2%
Wales 48.3% 51.7%
Scotland 62% 38%
Northern Ireland 55.7% 44.3%


Looking more closely into the areas of the UK who voted to leave and remain, it seems that there is a strong divide and perhaps a pattern. The majority of London inner-city boroughs voted to remain a part of the EU, with Lambeth, Hackney and Haringey being the top three areas voting to remain. The leave campaign had the upper hand around coastal areas, especially in the East of the UK, with Boston, South Holland and Castle Point being the top three areas to vote leave.

Leave Remain
Boston – 75.6% Lambeth – 78.6%
South Holland – 73.6% Hackney – 78.5%
Castle Point – 72.7% Haringey – 75.6%


  1. Generation Divide

The EU Referendum has shown that there is a clear divide between generations as there is a decline in votes for the remain party as you make your way through the generations;

Age % vote to remain
18-24 75%
25-49 56%
50-64 44%
65+ 39%


Irrespective of which side of the fence you sit on, it is clear that the result has been a shock to both sides. Over the coming days and weeks, there is no doubt that there will be new developments from both sides of the campaign; rest assure we will be keeping you up to date with all aspects of the news and developments over on our social media accounts. One thing’s for sure, last night’s result has given us more questions than answered…