Advertising on Social: Think Beyond Facebook

With a growing number of users searching for information through social, businesses are adapting their advertising strategies to communicate with potential customers in new ways. However, the cost of advertising on social media, particularly Facebook, has risen to a price small businesses and start-ups cannot afford. What else is there, beyond the ol’ Facebook ad?

Re-target old customers

Though social networks are an incredible platform for attracting new custom, developing brand identity and generating interest in a product, they can also be used to strengthen the relationships a business has with its existing customers. Ensuring customers feel valued and fostering brand loyalty are incredibly important when it comes to a company’s long-term success. Not only are clients likely to spend more if they have a satisfying customer experience with a business, they will also return again and again, creating stronger associations with a business’ brand.


Try advertising on Insta

 While many organisations restrict themselves to advertising on the biggest social media outlets, it may be a good idea to consider other platforms. While Tumblr is often dismissed as an inefficient platform for advertising, it is more popular than Facebook amongst the 13-25 year old demographic and contains well over 200 million different blogs.[1]Similarly, Instagram is also becoming an important platform for advertisers. Perfect for those companies that are able to condense the essence of their advertising message into a series of images. Instagram maintains an organic feel to marketing, with sponsored posts being seamlessly slipped in between user posts. Finally, Pinterest provides access to a unique user base. 80% of its 70 million active users are women,[2] providing marketing teams with a more select audience if they want to advertise on the platform.


Make friends with bloggers

 Marketing teams should also consider piggybacking on the success of existing bloggers and social media stars. Many social media users have developed large and devoted followings and are more willing to work with businesses at low cost, providing companies with a trusted voice that already has means of communicating directly with its followers. By partnering up, businesses reach out to a new audience without having to expend too much energy on capturing their attention or gaining their trust.


Targeting & social campaigns with The Media Octopus

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