TMO’s Guide to Avoiding Office Politics

If you’re totally bored of politics and all things Brexit, you’re not alone! We’ve put together our own twist on politics which most people are actually interested in; Office Politics. Here at TMO we understand that outside of hiding under your duvet, you can’t really avoid office politics, although the good news is that you can minimise it. At TMO we believe that these three traits help out businesses to minimise the impact

  1. Collaboration:

We believe that no one person knows the answer every time, instead, by working as a  team you can arrive at the correct answer. As a team, TMO is made up of specialists from different areas of Digital Marketing and Sales with varied backgrounds and skill sets meaning there is always the opportunity to learn and develop new skills from the best in the field.

  1. Engagement

Keeping employees engaged in your business and their role is one of the many challenges which every business faces. And never forget, engagement runs hand in hand with office morale. We have four initiatives in place to help keep the TMO team engaged.

  • Communicate and listen to what they have to say and help them reach their career goals. As TMO is made up of a team of 20 industry specialists, there is plenty of time for one-to-one mentoring with senior member of the team, managers and directors meaning your voice is always heard.
  • Every Friday there are plenty of good vibes buzzing around the office as we’re strong believers of the #FridayFeeling so, to get our team ready for the weekend, we have an end of week quiz which is accompanied by beers; the quiz is made up of work-related questions, questions about recent news and questions about members of the team, this allows us to ensure that everyone knows what is going on in the office as well as within the industry.
  • Not to forget; keeping your team happy and healthy is key to driving employee engagement so we offer our employees free gym memberships and personal training sessions.
  • Another example of having one eye on being health is the unlimited fruit which is available throughout the week. This is just one of a few perks which we offer to increase staff productivity and engagement.
  1. Client Happiness means Employee Happiness

Rather than insisting your employees think about the numbers and the profits, we ensure that the client is at the forefront of everything which they do. This way, they’ll remember that your clients are real people and not just a name on a computer screen which will in turn ensure your employees give  10/10 customer service. Let the team just focus on delivering a great service for the client.