Top Trump Moments We’ll Never Forget

As the morning broke, we heard news of Donald Trump winning presidency with 278 electoral votes; quashing Hillary’s 218 and exceeding the win by 8. With the results of Election Night raw in our minds- it’s only right we highlight Trump’s dysfunctional relationship with the world, and quite frankly, with himself. The sick, the funny and the humiliating, Trump has created quite the PR campaign. When in doubt, pull a Trump card.

1. That time he welcomed global warming, because he was bored of snow

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York. What the hell happened to global warming?” is an arrogant turn of phrase if we ever did hear one. Apparently mittens and a hot cuppa will not satisfy America’s new president.


2. When he Tweeted, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke”

Shortly after, a Twitter user gives him a backhander by @replying, “Congratulations on your self-acceptance!” Thinking a bit too literally there, Donald?




3. Remember the time he accused Obama of having fake citizenship?

Trump publicly questioned Obama’s birthplace, Tweeting that the only copy of the former President’s certificate was destroyed in a plane crash in 2013.


4. Those grotesque comments about women

On the perks of being a famous man (as he put it), ole Donald offended the female population in their masses by saying: “They let you do it. You can do anything. Grab `em by the…” Newspaper splashes at the time were a treat.




5. Which led us to feel slightly worried for Ivanka Trump

During a broadcast on The View back in 2006, Trump tells his audience:  “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, I’d probably be dating her” It was all we could do but to laugh it off, but really?


6. When Don’s team banned him from using his own Twitter account

More recently, Trump’s staff stripped him of his Tweeting royalties. Please tell us how this man will make war & peace, if his 13.6m followers can hold his neck on the line?


Image: Sick Chirpse

7. He wooed prospective candidates by telling them: “I could shoot somebody and not lose votes”

Quite frankly, this hints towards a real-time copy of The Purge: Election Year.