How Could Virtual Reality Influence Marketing?

Virtual reality has experienced a surge in interest through recent years, with many experts arguing it is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge. VR is expected to revolutionise many industries by providing better training, greater immersion and virtual shopping experiences. But what can it do for your business?

Content Creation

If virtual reality becomes the force many predict it will, the way in which we create and distribute content will also go through radical changes. As consumers begin to expect and demand more immersive ‘experiences,’ content creation will have to react accordingly. For instance, content such as interviews, tutorials, tours and demonstrations will all have to be created with virtual reality in mind, immersing the viewer in an interesting 360 degree environment whilst delivering the marketing team’s intended message.


As well as more immersive content, consumers will also come to expect more interactive content. With virtual reality technology allowing users to interact with their environment, or other virtual environments, in new and unpredictable ways, marketing content will become less about consuming information and more about the interaction between users and businesses. As the way we consume information shifts, marketing campaigns will have to think long and hard about providing content that engages, stimulates and encourages interaction, whilst still fulfilling its promotional function.

KEEP UP: Consumers expect more interactive content
KEEP UP: Consumers expect more interactive content

Heighten Emotional Responses

Though virtual reality poses a number of unique challenges for marketing departments, it could also prove to be one of its most powerful tools. Virtual reality experiences have a much greater impact on users due to their immediacy and the way they engage consumers. This generates much stronger emotional responses than other types of media. Similarly, virtual reality experiences are often more memorable due to the brain’s propensity to create stronger links with actual geographical locations. Both of these factors suggest that the technology could be an extremely potent and powerful means of communicating information to consumers and far superior to existing mediums.

Try Before You Buy

If you believe you have the perfect product, virtual reality could be the way to demonstrate its advantages to an extremely large audience. Many businesses have already begun to exploit VR by offering ‘try before you buy’ experiences that provide insight into exactly what you should expect from their product. With Lexus offering virtual reality test runs in their NX model and IKEA allowing customers to explore virtual reality living rooms, it’s only a matter of time before more companies begin to use VR to advertise their products and services.


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